Which boxes should I use?
Suitable boxes are supplied by us, to guarantee the characteristics of strength and capacity necessary for lifting and transport. Avoid using other cardboard packaging and containers such as baskets or crates.

In compliance with law 626/94, the containers must not weigh more than 30 kg.

Do I have to box everything?
Yup! Most of the things present in a house can be placed in one of our packages. Always be very careful to use the boxes in the right direction: check the wording “HIGH” or the writing on the sides.

Can I write on the boxes?
You can write on each box a list or description of the things it contains; use the side of the box for this operation, so that the writing is legible even when the boxes are stacked. We also suggest to indicate the room in which they will have to be placed once at their destination, so as to rationalize the phase of “tidying up” as much as possible.

How should I arrange fragile items?
Dishes, glasses and other fragile objects must be placed in the boxes respecting some elementary rules: always wrap the objects individually with plenty of newspaper, put away the cutting plates and fill the boxes well by inserting rolled paper, to prevent them from objects can move and therefore be damaged. Once the boxes are closed, affix the words “FRAGILE” visibly; this writing should be used exclusively to indicate objects that actually are.

How to do for the paintings?
Smaller paintings can be placed in boxes like other fragile objects, having the foresight to always place them cut. For the bigger ones, we’ll take care of putting them back in the truck so they don’t suffer damage.

How should I prepare the electronic equipment?
Electronic equipment, such as stereos, computers, etc. they must be packed following the manufacturer’s instructions; ideal would be the original packaging. Otherwise, use our boxes, taking care to protect the objects adequately (cardboard, cloths, cushions). WARNING! For photocopiers it is essential to be prepared for transport, to avoid the transfer of liquids and powders contained.

How should I prepare the TV?
Just disconnect it from the antenna and power supply, collecting and ordering the cables. No further packaging is required, as we will arrange it in a protected area of ​​the truck.

Should I prepare the mattresses?
You don’t need to do that; we will protect them with special plastic bags. If, for organizational reasons, you prefer to prepare them in advance, we will provide you with the necessary material.

Where do I put my clothes?
The clothes that are hung in the closets can be left in their place, as we will arrange them in special containers where they can remain hung. As mentioned for mattresses, if you want to prepare them in person we will provide you with the containers in advance.

Do I have to empty the drawers?
Drawers can only be left full if they contain “non-fragile” items, such as cloths or linens. However, this must be reported to our employees, so that they can be properly blocked.

And the bathroom accessories?
Disassembly and assembly of bathroom accessories, unless expressly provided for, are excluded from our services; we therefore advise you to do this yourself in advance.