Check your new home

It is important that you check your new residence before moving out. You will need to check if you can use the elevator to bring up the furniture. Nowadays there are condominiums in which the use of elevators is not allowed to carry out removals. You will also need to see if on the day of the move it will be easy for you to find parking in front of the house or at least near it.

Moving is not just about collecting all your things and then leaving. There are important things you shouldn’t forget to avoid future problems.

Finally, it is important that you notify as soon as possible, to all companies of electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc.

Survival kit
On the day of the move you will not be able to unpack all the boxes. Within this, you’ll need to include sheets, towels, pajamas, a toiletry bag, and some supplies for dinner or breakfast the next day.

Make the move yourself
The move can be done by you or you can contact someone who does it for you.

Since the capacity of a van is less than that of a moving truck, If your new apartment does not have an elevator or if you can’t use it for moving, you will also need to rent a crane.

Removal companies
Hiring a moving company has a higher price but can be more advantageous. Businesses have staff who take care of loading all your furniture. This will save you a lot of effort. In addition, they have greater transport capacity so only one trip will be required.