The relocation is a tiresome process and the damage your precious belongings receive during the move is irreparable. No one is much concerned about the household items as they will stay solidly in place during the relocation but you cannot say the same about your costly musical instruments.  There are several moving companies that provide their services to safely relocate your possessions from one place to another. But before that let’s have a look at these 3 tips that will help you safely move your musical instruments from one studio to another.

Hire Help

The music professionals are very acquisitive of their instruments. To satiate their creative endeavors, they spend thousands of dollars on getting their favorite pieces of equipment. And the relocation put everything at risk. but there are certain ways that can help them rule out any possibility of damage to your belongings and the first one is to hire help. Why is it necessary? Look at your piano, it may weigh from 500 to 800 Ibs that should not be packed, picked, and moved without professional help. The same is with the costly music gear and the fragile guitar that requires extra caution while handling. A piano key can be replaced, or a clarinets’ mouthpiece, but any damage to the instrument body will compromise the tuned chambers and eventually the sound of it and you have to get it replaced. And that doesn’t sound good.

Opt for Hard Shelled Cases For Your Instruments

A bit expensive than the soft shell cases, the hard-shelled cases are perfect for your fragile music equipment, especially during the move. Easily available in the market in different sizes and shapes, they provide full protection and can be placed with other household items during the move. The soft-shelled cases mostly come as a cover to a newly purchased instrument and are mostly of the shape of the instrument. It is enough to provide protection from dampness and dust along the way but is insufficient in defending the body of the equipment, especially during rough moving. On the other hand, instruments covered in hard shells are easy to transfer from one place to another in any weather conditions.

Be Heedful Of Your Studio Gear

If you can get a hard-shelled case for your music gear, that would be perfect. If not so, the original packaging and box would do the job during relocation. The original packing of the studio gear comes with fillers, bubble wraps, molds, and hard styrofoam that is sufficient to underpin the device in transit.  Carefully pack your brass and woodwind instruments in at least three layers of plastic and then in the hard shelling with enough cushions and pillows in between.


Hiring piano movers Perth with efficient and professional staff is a wise choice when it comes to your expensive musical items as they come with durable packing materials and the techniques to handle the items with caution. They are practiced in the smooth sailing of your belonging and in case of any wear and tear, the responsibility is on them although they ensure nothing to happen. If you or your friends are in charge, any dent, squash, or body damage during the move is on you and that too without any compensation.