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Our platform offers excellent removalist and backloading services in Australia to help the families and businesses move throughout the country with our exceptional working style and services. Even though our rates and prices of all services are much lower and totally pocket friendly.

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No matter what the reason is, we are here to help you move to a new apartment, setting up your office or settling in your new home. A1 move will have you covered in the detailed manner for everything. 

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This is not where our services stop but, we also ensure you with best handling of goods and offer quick services while asking for the minimum cost. 

we never compromise

we never compromise on the quality of work for our customers and ensure best services in all scenarios

Our employees

Our employees are continuously working and collecting goods from multiple parts of the county several times a week. Therefore, getting hold of our pickup or drop off service can be organized in quickest manner. 

This way we are successful

This way we are successful in saving up a lot of excess cost attached while offering affordable rates and quick services.

You can access

You can access us through our application or website or through our contact information to book your appointment and we will be there in no time. From the packing to smooth transportation,

Our trucks and transportation

we will then handle all for you. Our trucks and transportation are efficient and made exclusively to perform efficiently and perform multiple tasks at once to charge minimal fee to each of our customer and not burden them in any way.

most affordable rates in Australia.

Therefore, look no more for the removalist and backloading service and avail the best quality service at most affordable rates in Australia.

Our Latest Articles

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Piano Mover

A piano is a fragile piece of equipment that consists of twelve thousand individual entities. It is heavy and has a delicate exterior. As a result, it requires a well-experienced person to transport it because any slight mistake could render the piano useless.

Therefore, a professional piano removalists brisbane are those who are concerned with transporting or moving pianos from one location to another. If you are planning on purchasing a piano, you cannot fail to include the cost of a piano mover in your budget because without them you will encounter problems.

Benefits of hiring a piano mover

Here are some of the advantages that you will get by hiring a professional piano mover and not just any person to do the job.

  • They have the right tools for transportation

Piano movers usually have the proper tools that can be used to transport the piano from one point to another. They know exactly how to package the piano, load it on a truck and offload it. As a buyer, you may fail to understand the importance of hiring a professional piano mover and end up risking damage to your piano.

  • Safety

When talking about piano movers, they ensure safety in two ways: the first instance is they have the right tools to move your piano safely to the intended destination thus guaranteeing that your piano will stay in perfect condition. Secondly, they will ensure safety for everyone involved in the transportation process since a piano is a heavy instrument and can cause serious injuries to individuals.

  • Highly experienced

A professional piano mover is highly experienced and knows precisely what to do. Experience will help them to easily get out of tricky situations that they may encounter on their way. Therefore, you should hire a well-experienced piano mover.

  • Convenience

Hiring a professional piano mover makes the process easy and convenient. Anyway, who would want to struggle with moving their piano and risk damaging it? 

  • Saves time and effort

Hiring a professional piano mover will save you time and energy you would otherwise have used. A professional piano mover will take less time to load the piano on a truck and move it across because they have the proper equipment for the job.

Things to consider when hiring a professional piano mover

How do you know that a given person is a professional in moving pianos? Well, the following tips should answer that question.

  • Experience

Look for a professional that has many years of experience in transporting the piano.

  • Look for references

You also need to find references or past clients of that professional and find out if the individual is proficient in the work.

  • The cost of hiring

A professional piano mover will be transparent about the cost of moving pianos between two points. They should have a proper way of calculating the cost and not just make a guess.

  • The equipment they possess

Lastly, you need to know if the mover has all the necessary equipment to move the piano. Do not be convinced that the process will work without a certain type of tool because anything can happen on the way that will cost you dearly.


3 Tips To Safely Move Musical Instruments From One Studio To Another

The relocation is a tiresome process and the damage your precious belongings receive during the move is irreparable. No one is much concerned about the household items as they will stay solidly in place during the relocation but you cannot say the same about your costly musical instruments.  There are several moving companies that provide their services to safely relocate your possessions from one place to another. But before that let’s have a look at these 3 tips that will help you safely move your musical instruments from one studio to another.

Hire Help

The music professionals are very acquisitive of their instruments. To satiate their creative endeavors, they spend thousands of dollars on getting their favorite pieces of equipment. And the relocation put everything at risk. but there are certain ways that can help them rule out any possibility of damage to your belongings and the first one is to hire help. Why is it necessary? Look at your piano, it may weigh from 500 to 800 Ibs that should not be packed, picked, and moved without professional help. The same is with the costly music gear and the fragile guitar that requires extra caution while handling. A piano key can be replaced, or a clarinets’ mouthpiece, but any damage to the instrument body will compromise the tuned chambers and eventually the sound of it and you have to get it replaced. And that doesn’t sound good.

Opt for Hard Shelled Cases For Your Instruments

A bit expensive than the soft shell cases, the hard-shelled cases are perfect for your fragile music equipment, especially during the move. Easily available in the market in different sizes and shapes, they provide full protection and can be placed with other household items during the move. The soft-shelled cases mostly come as a cover to a newly purchased instrument and are mostly of the shape of the instrument. It is enough to provide protection from dampness and dust along the way but is insufficient in defending the body of the equipment, especially during rough moving. On the other hand, instruments covered in hard shells are easy to transfer from one place to another in any weather conditions.

Be Heedful Of Your Studio Gear

If you can get a hard-shelled case for your music gear, that would be perfect. If not so, the original packaging and box would do the job during relocation. The original packing of the studio gear comes with fillers, bubble wraps, molds, and hard styrofoam that is sufficient to underpin the device in transit.  Carefully pack your brass and woodwind instruments in at least three layers of plastic and then in the hard shelling with enough cushions and pillows in between.


Hiring piano movers Perth with efficient and professional staff is a wise choice when it comes to your expensive musical items as they come with durable packing materials and the techniques to handle the items with caution. They are practiced in the smooth sailing of your belonging and in case of any wear and tear, the responsibility is on them although they ensure nothing to happen. If you or your friends are in charge, any dent, squash, or body damage during the move is on you and that too without any compensation.


Which boxes should I use?
Suitable boxes are supplied by us, to guarantee the characteristics of strength and capacity necessary for lifting and transport. Avoid using other cardboard packaging and containers such as baskets or crates.

In compliance with law 626/94, the containers must not weigh more than 30 kg.

Do I have to box everything?
Yup! Most of the things present in a house can be placed in one of our packages. Always be very careful to use the boxes in the right direction: check the wording “HIGH” or the writing on the sides.

Can I write on the boxes?
You can write on each box a list or description of the things it contains; use the side of the box for this operation, so that the writing is legible even when the boxes are stacked. We also suggest to indicate the room in which they will have to be placed once at their destination, so as to rationalize the phase of “tidying up” as much as possible.

How should I arrange fragile items?
Dishes, glasses and other fragile objects must be placed in the boxes respecting some elementary rules: always wrap the objects individually with plenty of newspaper, put away the cutting plates and fill the boxes well by inserting rolled paper, to prevent them from objects can move and therefore be damaged. Once the boxes are closed, affix the words “FRAGILE” visibly; this writing should be used exclusively to indicate objects that actually are.

How to do for the paintings?
Smaller paintings can be placed in boxes like other fragile objects, having the foresight to always place them cut. For the bigger ones, we’ll take care of putting them back in the truck so they don’t suffer damage.

How should I prepare the electronic equipment?
Electronic equipment, such as stereos, computers, etc. they must be packed following the manufacturer’s instructions; ideal would be the original packaging. Otherwise, use our boxes, taking care to protect the objects adequately (cardboard, cloths, cushions). WARNING! For photocopiers it is essential to be prepared for transport, to avoid the transfer of liquids and powders contained.

How should I prepare the TV?
Just disconnect it from the antenna and power supply, collecting and ordering the cables. No further packaging is required, as we will arrange it in a protected area of ​​the truck.

Should I prepare the mattresses?
You don’t need to do that; we will protect them with special plastic bags. If, for organizational reasons, you prefer to prepare them in advance, we will provide you with the necessary material.

Where do I put my clothes?
The clothes that are hung in the closets can be left in their place, as we will arrange them in special containers where they can remain hung. As mentioned for mattresses, if you want to prepare them in person we will provide you with the containers in advance.

Do I have to empty the drawers?
Drawers can only be left full if they contain “non-fragile” items, such as cloths or linens. However, this must be reported to our employees, so that they can be properly blocked.

And the bathroom accessories?
Disassembly and assembly of bathroom accessories, unless expressly provided for, are excluded from our services; we therefore advise you to do this yourself in advance.

Practical Tips for Making a Perfect Move

Check your new home

It is important that you check your new residence before moving out. You will need to check if you can use the elevator to bring up the furniture. Nowadays there are condominiums in which the use of elevators is not allowed to carry out removals. You will also need to see if on the day of the move it will be easy for you to find parking in front of the house or at least near it.

Moving is not just about collecting all your things and then leaving. There are important things you shouldn’t forget to avoid future problems.

Finally, it is important that you notify as soon as possible, to all companies of electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc.

Survival kit
On the day of the move you will not be able to unpack all the boxes. Within this, you’ll need to include sheets, towels, pajamas, a toiletry bag, and some supplies for dinner or breakfast the next day.

Make the move yourself
The move can be done by you or you can contact someone who does it for you.

Since the capacity of a van is less than that of a moving truck, If your new apartment does not have an elevator or if you can’t use it for moving, you will also need to rent a crane.

Removal companies
Hiring a moving company has a higher price but can be more advantageous. Businesses have staff who take care of loading all your furniture. This will save you a lot of effort. In addition, they have greater transport capacity so only one trip will be required.

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